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The perfect beginner microscope for younger elementary school-aged children to conduct their own at-home experiments
All-glass optics offer 40X, 100X, and 400X magnification
Easy for children to use, with a large plain stage, sturdy stage clips, and two types of illumination
Lightweight plastic build for maximum portability and sized for smaller hands
Introductory science-in-a-box! Comes with accessories kit including prepared and blank slides, specimen stain, tweezers, pipette, and more, so your young scientist can start experimenting right away

Delight your budding scientist with this beginner microscope set for kids from Swift. Equipped with everything they need to start experimenting right out of the box and fun for the whole family as you discover the fascinating world of microscopes together! Show your young learner how to use the microscope with the prepared slides that come in the kit, then help them make their own specimens with the blank slides.
Teach children about magnification by showing them how the wide-field 10X eyepiece pairs with the 4X, 10X, and 40X objectives to magnify slides from 40X up to 400X. These magnifications are perfect for examining the tiny details of objects that kids can find at home or in their own backyards.
Light is provided two ways: from below the stage with the LED bulb in order to view thin-sliced transparent specimens, or from above via the built-in light on the arm for looking at the surface of solid items like plants or insects at low magnifications.
3 AA batteries (included with the kit) power the microscope cordlessly so kids can take it wherever they go. The various accessories, like two colors of dye stain, petri dish, pipette, cotton swabs, and more, will have your child feeling like a true lab scientist in no time.
What can you see with it? Magnify both transparent slide specimens and solid, opaque objects with the SW50's dual illumination system. Look at paramecia in puddle water, an onion skin cross-section, human hair, leaves, and more!