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Designed to introduce elementary through middle school students and beginner hobbyists to the fascinating world of microscopy and the life sciences
Fully rotatable monocular head for easy shared use, perfect for laboratories and one-on-one instruction
Available magnification settings of 40X, 100X, 250X, 400X, and 1000X through crystal-clear 4X, 10X, and 40X glass objectives with wide-field 10X and 25X eyepieces
Dual illumination system allows you to examine both transparent and solid specimens; cool LED lights protect eyesight and live specimens
Sleek design with metal carrying handle and base combine with cordless capability to make this microscope a practical pick for field experiments

Designed for young scientists and beginner hobbyists, the Swift SW150 Student Microscope offers all the user-friendly features of our SW100 model, with an upgraded optical objectives system. With all the characteristic components of a standard compound microscope, the SW150 provides an affordable, easy-to-use introduction to microscopy for elementary and middle school students and casual hobbyists.
Magnification levels range from 40-1000X. Three aberration-correcting glass objective lenses (4X, 10X, and 40X) paired with two wide-field glass eyepieces (10X and 25X) offer sharp images without edge blur. The monocular head is fixed at an ergonomic 30 degree angle to prevent neck-strain and fully rotates to enable sharing between multiple users, ideal for classroom or one-on-one instruction. The LED bulb provides cool, dimmable illumination from below the stage for transparent specimens, and an additional built-in light on the arm offers illumination from above for viewing the surface of solid objects at low-magnification settings. Coarse and fine focusing knobs on both sides of the stand make precise adjustments while clips on the plain stage fully secure slides.
The SW150 also features a sleek, triangular metal base and stain-resistant enamel finish. This durable construction paired with the metal carrying handle in the arm (sized to accommodate smaller hands) and the option for cordless power make the microscope perfectly suited for outdoor experimentation.
What can you see with it? Magnify both transparent slide specimens and solid, opaque objects with the SW150's dual illumination system. Look at paramecia in puddle water, an onion skin cross-section, pollen, leaves, and more!